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Increase Sales and Margins

Certified Digital Advisors win business without competing on price with other MSPs.

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5 Disciplines of a Future-Proof MSP eBook
Future-Proof MSP FREE Resources

Eliminate Competition Early in the Sales Process

Business executives have the upper hand when selecting a traditional MSP. They come to you with quotes from low-cost providers and expect you to discount your services.



Certified Digital Advisors never enter pricing negotiations

Executives don’t view Certified Digital Advisors through the lens of an IT provider, they are peers capable of solving business problems and advising on IT. When you become an advisor, you won’t compete on price with other MSPs because your prospects don’t think of you as just an IT provider. You’re a trusted business partner.

Build a Steady, Predictable Sales Pipeline

When you or members of your team are Certified Digital Advisors, you get in front of executives without waiting until they have a technology problem. After going through the certification process you:

Get in front of executives!

By becoming a Certified Digital Advisor you can be in front of executives anytime without waiting until they have a technology problem.

Stop talking technology and start talking business - what business executives value.

Accelerate sales!

By leveraging the Digital Advisor Sales Process, you have predictable consultative sales steps to qualify, engage, plan and close new prospects.

Your sales process is quick as you generate high business value with a streamlined process.

Achieve higher prices!

By leveraging the Digital Advisor Planning workshops you eliminate the competition and get paid engagements very early in the sales cycle.

This allows you to close deals even faster with higher than average prices

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Future-Proof Your MSP

Learn, Implement and Operate a Disruptive Strategy to Supercharge your MSP. With this 60-page eBook, you’ll learn 

  • The easiest way to get ahead of your market with a disruptive strategy 
  • How to differentiate from your competition without spending a fortune on marketing
  • Say goodbye to price negotiations through the sales process
  • The truth about why you could not scale your consulting services
  • What MSP business owners should never do if they want to get out of the daily grind 


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5 Disciplines of a Future Proof MSP ebook

You Shouldn’t Be Trapped in a Broken Business Model

As entrepreneurs, we understand how frustrating it is to hire salespeople, invest in marketing and not experience results. We’ve run, managed, scaled, and sold MSPs since the 1990s. We can help you break out of the broken MSP business model and position yourself strategically to win new business.



Never Lose a Deal Because of Price Again

Certified Digital Advisors don’t compete on price because their MSP competitors aren’t capable of providing the same caliber of strategic insights and advice.

How Certified Digital Advisors Win More Clients

Through our training, structured solutions and resources, your sales team will be prepared to demonstrate your value, keep prospects engaged, and turn them into clients.

Killer First Client Meetings

Instead of a meeting to talk about technology, your sales team will have a Business Improvement Review meeting with your prospects. Your salespeople will come to the conversation prepared to discuss the prospect’s business issues, synthesize the information, and share how to resolve the problem by increasing their business’ digital maturity.

Digital Strategy Plan

Using our software, you will generate a digital strategy plan for your prospects in minutes. This undeniable edge over your competition keeps prospects engaged. It proves you understand their business and are ready to provide solutions that clear the path to success.

Digital Solution Plan

Earn trust as you guide prospects on the path to resolve their issues with paid planning exercise meetings. These 3 quick engagements deepen relationships and convince prospects to become clients.

Appointment Setting Service

This white-glove appointment setting service leverages LinkedIn, cold calling, and outreach strategies to get you meetings with executives. Whether you want to deliver the Business Improvement Review or guide prospects through a paid planning session your digital advisor will set calls for you.

Purpose Built Software

Arm your sales team with purpose-built software to generate reports that include: business scoring, interactive infographics, engaging explainer videos, social proof, and strategy & solution plans.

Present Winning Proposal

Immediately after your meetings you’ll send professionally designed, executive reports that detail your services, products and pricing. The proposals are designed to generate trust, eliminate objections, and get your prospects to say “yes.”

Stop Waiting for Executives To Experience IT Pain

Waiting for an executive to experience IT pain isn’t a viable business model. You will only hear from executives who have urgent technology problems. It’s unpredictable and unsustainable. You never know when, or if, the phone will ring.

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Sales Is Only One Benefit of Arming Your MSP With a Certified Digital Advisor

Deliver Consulting Services

Turn any member of your team into an advisor. Our 3–6 month process teaches the skills, processes, methodologies and frameworks.


Stop Giving Free Advice

It is hard to say no to clients when they are asking your advice. The proper price and packaging of professional services for project scope, project management and digital strategy planning drive instant revenues and help your clients to achieve their goals.


Differentiate your MSP

It is nearly impossible to differentiate from other local MSPs. That leads to all kinds of problems. Your brand does not stand out from the crowd, it's hard to get in front of your audience and you spend marketing dollars with little or no success.


Jeremy Heslop, digital advisor
The idea behind the Digital Transformation framework and toolset that Digital Maturity Advisors provides has transformed our business advisory services into something truly essential, a vital part of our relationships. We have been able to provide high-value services to clients who now expect them at all times from us.
Jeremy Heslop
President and Owner of the Omni Technology Professionals
Guy Baroan, digital advisor
With Digital Maturity Advisors, we have a proven methodology and process that ensures we uncover all the bottlenecks and pain points our clients have within their different departments. This has allowed us to be able to help them add efficiencies in their business and be more profitable.
Guy Baroan
President of the Baroan Technologies
Ian MacRae, digital advisor
The Digital Maturity Advisors Business Improvement Review process helps us talk to the right prospects. It also lets us know about those people who don't value technology and we can direct our efforts towards better conversations, focusing on getting more clients in our sales funnel.
Ian MacRae
CEO of the E-N Computers