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Digital Advisor Platform

Elevate Your CxO Business With Digital Advisory Services



List Yourself in the Largest Public Digital Advisor Marketplace
Boost Your Visibility
Digital Advisor Platform
Stand Out in the Market with Our Certification and Software Platform
Gain a Competitive Edge
Digital Advisor Platform
Join the Largest Digital Advisor Community in North America
Expand Your Knowledge
Digital Advisor Platform

Purpose built platform for Digital Advisors 


Education & Community


You get access to Courses, Weekly Workshops, support from a dedicated Member Success Manager and a network of advisors not only to learn, grow and develop your skills but to collaborate with others to ensure you are continually adding value to your clients.

Your company can scale up the activities and make $45,000 in revenues per advisor per month.


Framework & Templates


With the availability of Courses, Weekly Workshops, the assistance of a committed Member Success Manager, and a community of advisors at your disposal, you have a myriad of opportunities to not only enhance your skills but also to work in synergy with others. This ensures that you consistently provide added value to your clients.

Moreover, this platform has the potential to significantly augment your company's activities, potentially


Software & Automation


With the implementation of the Digital Adoption Platform, not only can you streamline the proposal process and expedite the delivery of digital adoption strategies, but the platform also equips you with all the necessary tools to formulate these strategies for your clientele. This technology allows you to drastically reduce the amount of time and energy required to deliver these strategic plans.


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Learn how involvement in education and the community can alleviate stress and prevent burnout.
Discover how implementing frameworks and templates can enhance scalability and efficiency in your practice.
Find out how leveraging software and automation can help you save valuable time and effort.

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Stories from Our Digital Advisors 


Digital Maturity Advisors has helped me close over $300,000 in Digital Adoption Services in the 1st 6 months of the program by refining my sales and pricing strategies. I win over strong competition by being fast and explaining everything in detail.
John Leishman
Founder - Tursa Group
I was thinking too small, but after having the weekly sessions with the other advisors they opened my eyes to the opportunities ahead with implementation and monthly recurring services.
David Daigle
Chief Digital Officer - Wingman Direct Marketing
The Digital Maturity Advisors Business Improvement Review process helps us talk to the right prospects. It also lets us know about those people who don't value technology and we can direct our efforts towards better conversations, focusing on getting more clients in our sales funnel.
Ian MacRae
CEO of E-N Computers

Business Improvement Guide for the Digital Age

After working years with small and medium sized businesses, Digital Maturity Group has come up with this guide designed for progressive business owners. It helps to unlock the possibilities of the information age. Take a look at this and learn:

  • The impacts of technology on SMBs in the information age
  • The business-led technology approach to digital transformation
  • 3 steps for planning a successful digital transformation
  • 4 Digital Transformation pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • The successful Digital Transformation from the people and processes perspective

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Three Pillars of Success

1. Technology - Software & Automation

2. Process - Framework, Templates & Best Practices

3. People - Education & Community

Strategy Call

Pillar # 1: Technology

Software & Automation


CRM Module to Keep all engagement organized

Your Digital Advisors can keep all clients and their engagement nicely organized. It's mission critical to be able to easily track all your planning engagements, the responsible person, the required scope and all the next steps in order to be able to deliver the planning services on time and on budget.

CDAP CRM Module - planning

Digital Advisor Proposal Module to Win Deals Fast

Your Digital Advisors and your team can leverage a very effective tool to build customized, visually appealing proposals in minutes and send those for approval to prospects. This way you not only streamline the process, but win them over because your response time is way faster than your competitors and your proposals simply look great.

CDAP proposal module

Digital Advisor Client Meeting Module to streamline your client meetings

Your Digital Advisors are conducting various meetings with clients to collect all the information needed for the Digital Adoption Plans. Kickoff meetings, working sessions, planning sessions, team meetings and presentations. You can be sure that these critical client-facing events are not only time effective but professionally driven with great client experience.

Your Digital Advisors are always generating amazing client experiences, showing professionalism and control even with the most demanding CEOs. Each meeting is defined with an agenda that can be sent prior to the meeting and used during the consulting sessions. 

CDAP digital transformation planning kickoff-meeting

Digital Advisor Assessment Module to build plans super fast

To understand what you customers challenges are you need very detailed assessments. This way you are not only able to assess the client but immediately have a list of deliverables you can recommend for the plans. You can choose from a general assessment or detailed Marketing, Sales, Operation, Finance, Application, Cybersecurity or IT Infrastructure Assessments. 

CDAP Assessment Module

Digital Solution Plan Module for selecting and planning digital solutions

For the Digital Adoption plans you are required to select certain applications and create Digital Solution Plans. This module allows you not only to have a tool for solution selection but to create a scope statement, timeline plan and execution plan for those projects that will be delivered after the plans are done. This way you can find solution providers for your clients or help them implement the projects in the plans.

CDAP Planning Digital Solutions

Digital Roadmap and Budget Module for Compliance

As a Digital Advisor, it's mandatory to provide the clients with a digital roadmap. With this module, you'll not only be compliant but you can provide a living and breathing roadmap to the client with budgets, detailed project scopes, responsible persons and a timeline with status.

It helps build up not only implementation revenues after the planning is submitted but monthly recurring revenues to keep the plans updated and make sure all projects are moving forward.

CDAP Digital Adoption Plan Roadmap & Budget

Digital Solution Plan Module for completing the work

After following the process you can generate the Digital Adoption Plans in a few clicks. You download the reports generated by the system based on your work and that's ready for submission. It holds all your client notes, the plans and budgets in a nicely formatted  way.

CDAP Digital Solution Plan Module

Why would you do this all alone? 

Avoid squandering time, energy, and resources by haphazardly constructing your digital advisor practice. Instead, become a part of our community and experience exponential growth.

Strategy Call

Pillar # 2: Process

Framework & Templates


Digital Advisor Delivery Framework

Your Digital Advisors are armed with detailed process blueprints, checklists, meeting agendas, worksheets and flowcharts to make the process repeatable. 

Framework & Processes for CDAP Digital Advisors

Digital Advisor Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Your Digital Advisors are never lost or overwhelmed. Every step of digital services is broken down into standard operating procedures advisors can follow and repeat. This not only helps to learn the processes but to keep track of all engagements.

Digital Adoption Plan Standard Operating Procedures

Digital Advisor Project Planning Templates

Your Digital Advisors are armed with dozens of ever-growing project templates from Digital Marketing, Process Management, Software Selection, Personal Productivity and more to help you find potential solutions for clients and scope the projects in a breeze.

CDAP Project Templates

Digital Advisor Marketing Kits

Your Digital Advisors can share many short, 2-minute professional explainer videos, LinkedIn and FaceBook posts and use email templates and downloadable materials to spread the word about the business benefits of digital transformation. That'll help communicate the value of digital services to prospects and clients. 

CDAP Marketing Kits

7-Day Jumpstart Process

You are going to leverage a battle-tested and streamlined process to get up to speed with the framework and software and get one client through the process. As a result you'll have the complete process under your belt, a client testimonial and you'll be ready to roll out more Digital Advisory engagements based on the platform.

7 Day CDAP Jumpstart

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How the Education & the Community helps to reduce stress and overwork

How the Framework & the Templates help to scale the practice

How the Software & Automation helps to save time & effort

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Pillar # 3: People

Education & Community


Weekly Live Digital Advisor Workshops

Your Advisors have access to various weekly workshops facilitated by Digital Advisor Coaches. You can get your question answered in relation to your digital advisor practice, how to scale your operation, how to best use the software, and how to win deals and get compliant with your plans. 


Online Advisor Community

Your team will have access to the most progressive Digital Advisor community in North America via dedicated monthly peer group sessions, an online community tool, and a resource exchange program to help if resources aren't available. It'll help your company to grow with enormous support.


Practice Build Self Assessment Module

Through this self-assessment, you are invited to evaluate your business across critical areas of Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and Consulting Readiness. Each section has been crafted to reflect the core competencies required to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape and to emerge as leaders in the digital transformation journey. By identifying areas of strength and opportunities for growth, this assessment lays the groundwork for personalized development paths within our peer community

Quarterly Business Improvement Review

Monthly Peer Group Meetings

Our monthly peer group meetings, led by an industry expert, bring together consulting professionals for education, discussion, and accountability, with the primary aim of enhancing your consulting practices. This focused setting fosters shared learning and growth, ensuring members advance towards their goals.

marketing peer group meetings

Digital Advisor Asset Review Process

Have you ever wondered how to get quick feedback before you submit a proposal, go to a meeting, prepare a plan, select a solution or are just simply stuck with something. The Asset Review Process helps you to submit any asset you build, create or customize to a coach who can give you useful video feedback in 24 hours.

CDAP Asset Review Process

Digital Advisor Certification

Stand out from the crowded marketplace and make sure your team members can perform planning services. The certification not only requires the advisors to go through mandatory courses and group coaching but to perform several Digital Advisory engagements with clients. This way the certification process pays for itself through client engagements.

Digital Adoption Specialist Certification

Sign up for a Digital Advisor Platform Demo and learn


1. How to Prepare Winning Proposals in Minutes

2. How to Generate Digital Adoption Plans in Compliance

3. How to Build Multiple Revenue Streams

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