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Become a Certified Digital Advisor

Help Your Customers Transform Their Business By Transforming Yours.

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Our Certified Digital Advisors play a strategic role in transforming their customers businesses to compete in a Digital Age.

The Certified Digital Advisor Difference

Best Practice Guidelines

Advisor Community

Proven & Scalable Process


As an IT Provider, You Are Uniquely Positioned to Help Your Clients with Digital Transformation

IT Service Providers (ITSP) are uniquely positioned to aid clients in their digital transformation journey, serving as trusted digital advisors. Leveraging their deep domain expertise, ITSPs can offer tailored, strategic guidance, from identifying areas for technological innovation to implementing advanced solutions. They bridge the gap between business needs and IT capabilities, helping clients adapt to the digital age, enhance operational efficiency, and remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

MSPs Are Locked

If not you then your customers will look elsewhere

If  IT Service Providers (ITSPs) fail to transition into comprehensive Digital Advisors, focused on driving business transformation through digital innovation, they risk losing clients. Businesses, in the quest for digital transformation, will inevitably seek providers who offer strategic counsel, advanced technology solutions, and a pathway to operational efficiency. Without these services, MSPs stand to lose their competitive edge, driving customers to look elsewhere for the guidance and support needed to navigate the digital landscape.

Be More Than “Just Another IT Provider”

As A Certified Digital Advisor, You Become A Trusted Business Partner

IT Service Providers (ITSPs) can evolve into Trusted Business Advisors by adopting the role of Digital Advisors, focusing on facilitating Digital Transformation for their clients. Leveraging their deep technological expertise, they can provide strategic counsel, pinpoint areas for digital innovation, and implement advanced solutions. By aligning IT capabilities with business needs, ITSPs can guide clients through the digital transition, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring competitiveness in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Certified Digital Advisors

Business Improvement Guide for the Digital Age

After working years with small and medium sized businesses, Digital Maturity Group has come up with this guide designed for progressive business owners. It helps to unlock the possibilities of the information age. Take a look at this and learn:

  • The impacts of technology on SMBs in the information age
  • The business-led technology approach to digital transformation
  • 3 steps for planning a successful digital transformation
  • 4 Digital Transformation pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • The successful Digital Transformation from the people and processes perspective

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Stand apart from every other IT Provider

Third-party certification differentiates you from the competition and shows you offer high-level business services.

Generate more sales

Get in front of business executives. Have business conversations instead of technology ones.


Finally scale your business

You don’t have to deliver the digital transformation advisory services. Your employees can go through the program, allowing you to finally take a step back from day-to-day operations.  

Your Path to Becoming a Digital Advisor Starts Here

1. We have a call to see if we’re right for each other.

2. You join our program, learn our proven processes, leverage our purpose built platform and discuss best practices with our community.

3. You become a true strategic partner to your clients helping them transform their business.....

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Stand apart from your Competition

Your prospects view all MSPs as providing the same services. With the Digital Transformation Advisor Certification, you will immediately stand out in a crowded market. Prospects who view your website or LinkedIn profile will understand the value you can provide. Your custom thought leadership content creation will further enhance your position as a trusted advisor and bring in new business.

Become a Digital Advisor Today


7-Day Digital Advisor Jumpstart

This jumpstart program is your 1st step towards becoming a Certified Digital Advisor. You will learn:

  • What Digital Transformation is
  • How Digital Transformation helps your MSP business
  • What a Digital Advisor does
  • What services you can offer with your certification
  • How the digital-led sales process works
  • How current Certified Advisors are leveraging their certifications
Digital Advisor Boot Camp

Learning, Inspiration and Accountability

A complete learning and education system to make sure your people are going to deliver what is needed for your success.

  • Digital Transformation Practice Development Blueprint
  • Digital Transformation Practice Success Management
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Group Coaching
Learning, Inspiration and Accountability

Complete Digital Transformation Delivery Blueprint

Gain access to the client facing materials and processes that facilitate delivery of Digital Transformation services. The framework has been battle tested for 10 years.

  • Digital Transformation Customer Journey
  • Digital Transformation Service Definitions
  • Digital Transformation Service Process Maps
  • Digital Transformation Service Reports
Complete Digital Transformation Delivery Blueprint

Automate Your Digital Transformation Processes

Get purpose-built software that'll allow you to deliver exceptional client experiences through sales and service delivery.

  • Assessments & Scoring
  • Reports & Planning
  • Roadmap & Projects
  • Pricing & Packaging
Automate Your Digital Transformation Processes

Network of Like-Minded, Progressive Professionals

Become part of the community of progressive businesses in the IT channel. You’ll be able to join:

  • Monthly Peer Groups
  • Weekly Workshops
  • Membership Community Sites
  • Role-Based Workspaces
professional network

Lead Generation Services

Simplify marketing and prospecting with centralized services that include:

  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Google Ad Words
  • Outbound Call Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
Lead Generation Services

Your Path to Becoming a Digital Advisor Starts Here

1. We have a call to see if we’re right for each other.

2. You join our program, learn our proven processes, leverage our purpose built platform and discuss best practices with our community.

3. You become a true strategic partner to your clients helping them transform their business.....

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Guy Baroan, digital advisor
With Digital Maturity Advisors, we have a proven methodology and process that ensures we uncover all the bottlenecks and pain points our clients have within their different departments. This has allowed us to be able to help them add efficiencies in their business and be more profitable.
Guy Baroan
President of Baroan Technologies
Eric Baryol, digital advisor
The Digital Maturity Advisors group provides a great collaborative group working on the marketing messaging and process framework that enables us to consistently provide strategic and tactical advisory services. It really is a missing piece of serving our Clients with a valuable directions and assistance to meet their business goals. The iterative improvement of content, processes and services that the Digital Maturity Advisors provides is a key component of our firms Client advisory function.
Eric Baryol
Principal of Leverage IT Consulting
Ian MacRae, digital advisor
The Digital Maturity Advisors Business Improvement Review process helps us talk to the right prospects. It also lets us know about those people who don't value technology and we can direct our efforts towards better conversations, focusing on getting more clients in our sales funnel.
Ian MacRae
CEO of E-N Computers